LHIR Data Document
Description: LHIR is a solution polymerised polyisoprene rubber with a high cis-1,4 content and a high molecular weight, which is very similar to nature rubber in molecular and micro structure. It is characterized by light color, uniformity and low level of impurities. Good flow property brings great improvement in mixing and molding.

By adding value through creating unique features, LHIR can not only be used in the traditional fields that NR usually present like tires, convey belts. Hoses, shoe soles etc., but also can be applied in the production which require high purity and/or well-defined molecular structure such as food and pharmaceutical package, baby bottle teats, adhesive, light color or transparent articles.

LHIR is supplied in bales weighing 25 ± 0.25 kg (size: L: 65cm W: 35cm H: 15cm). Bales are wrapped in linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) film and packed in (PP) plastic and paper compound bags. It can be packed in wooden or iron box.

LHIR should be stored in ventilating warehouses at temperature not higher than 30℃, away from heat and fire sources, direct sunray, atmosphere precipitation and contamination. Shelf life could be two years from the manufacturing date under the correct storage conditions.

Safety and Handling Precautions:
LHIR may accumulate electrostatic charges when rubbed, chafed or abraded. Processing equipment should be provided with a means of dissipating any charges that may develop.

When processing LHIR, maintain a fire watch if temperature reaches 225℃. The temperature listed above is indicated only for safety reasons (risk of fire and product degradation) and is not necessarily recommended for processing. Degradation of the polymer (polymer breakdown) could start at lower temperature depending on the specific processing conditions.
Information contained in this document is to the best of Producer’s knowledge and is considered true and accurate as per vision date. But no representations, guarantees or warranties of any kind are made as to its accuracy, suitability for specific applications disclosed above since the manufacturing conditions, methods and equipment used is beyond producer’s control.
Full-scale testing and end product performance are the responsibility of users. It is the users who assume all risks and liability of any use or handling of any material and Producer as well as Sellers shall not be liable for.

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LHIR Data Document