Zibo Luhua Hongjin New Material Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luhua Hongjin) is a chemical enterprise specializing mostly in fine chemical products' processing and sales. Luhua Hongjin was founded in 1988 as the subsidiary of Sinopec Qilu Petroleum Chemical Company. In 2003, this company was reformed to an enterprise operating on the share-holding system, and shares held by Shandong Fufeng Hongjin Holding Co.,Ltd and Gicc Holding Pty Ltd ,Citic Pe Investment Limited ,Shenzhen Chuangxin Holding Co.,Ltd and several natural persons. The headquarter of Luhua Hongjin is located in Zibo, next to Sinopec Qilu Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd. The company has four wholly-owned subsidiaries, two branch companies, one business department and one holding subsidiary, located in Zibo Shandong, Maoming Guangdong, Wuhan Hubei, Tianjin and Shanghai, respectively.
  As a co-operative enterprise with Sinopec, Luhua Hongjin mainly undertakes the deep processing, comprehensive utilization and sales of low-stream petrochemical and derivatives. Luhua Hongjin is currently the largest manufacturer and supplier of C5 and C9 in China. The main C5 products are: Poly-grade Isoprene, C5 Petroleum Resin, Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD), Piperylene, Refined C5 and Polyisoprene Rubber, those can be widely used in SIS, adhesive and rubber; the main C9 products are: the purified Dicyclopentadiene, Methyl-cyclopentadiene dimmer.
Luhua Hongjin is also the second largest manufacturer and supplier of Tert-butyl amine (TBA) in the world, holding the largest production equipments in Asia. TBA is widely used in rubber additive and pesticide, etc.
  In April 2010, independently developed by the Luhua Hongjin, Polyisoprene Rubber equipments have been completed in Maoming, Guangdong successfully and achieved continuous production. It breaks the foreign company’s isoprene rubber production technology monopoly, filling the domestic gap. As the best substitute for natural rubber, Polyisoprene Rubber is widely used in medical appliances, tires, footwear and other fields, has a broad market and will become the company’s leading product.
  In 2011, Luhua Hongjin has a rapid development, with four new projects under construction. The projects of 30KT/Y C5 Resin and 50KT/Y Polyisoprene Rubber in Zibo, 20KT/Y C9 Thermal Polymerized Resin in Tianjin will be put into production by the end of 2011. The construction of the projects of 20KT/Y C5 Resin, 30 KT/Y C5/ C9 Copolymerization Resin, 20 KT/Y C9 Thermal Polymerized Resin in Wuhan will be kicked off in October 2011 and expected to be put into production by the end of 2012.
  Luhua Hongjin implements the technology-based strategy, dedicates to the production and R&D of C5 and C9 industry chain products and TBA, while utilizing domestic and international advanced technology for general integration and application developments. In addition, the company have been continuously committed to the R&D on potential competitive technologies, techniques and products, formed a serial of core techniques with own intellectual property rights, had a number of authorized patents and was regarded as high and new tech enterprise. Luhua Hongjin has established a comprehensive management system, and passed ISO9001、ISO14001 and GB/T28001, which contributed as the base of the company’s normative operation and steady manufacture. The company’s unremitting development principles are: provide customers with quality products and fair price; offer staff opportunities for career development; make excellent returns to shareholders; create more job opportunities and tax revenue.
  We sincerely welcome all friends from China and overseas for contact, business negotiation and friendly cooperation!